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When I was young, my mom had me crocheting.  It has always been a passion of mine.  I love what I do in every aspect.  It shows in my dedication and in the work I do.  My love for the military and their families is first and foremost with me.  Being that I come from a military family, I know that value of family and country.  That is why I give back to our family of Veterans and their families.  I also give back to others as well.  I have donated blankets to Forgotten Soldiers Outreach and Memorial Breast Cancer Center and head bands and beanies to St. Judes.  Being able, as a breast cancer survivor, to give back to those that give so much of themselves to everyone else, is someone I strive to be.  That is why I think it is important to give back and pay it forward.  




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Since beginning my journey in this field, my dedication to the work and motivation to grow have led me to exceptional experiences. I’m grateful for a profession I’m passionate about, and am proud to share examples of my greatest work. Take a moment to check out my portfolio, and get in touch with any questions.



Cathy F.

I bought a camouflage baby blanket for a U.S. Army friend's baby - it was the hit of the baby shower - so beautiful and soft. Having twin grandchildren and will be ordering more soon